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Alright then… Back from an extended writing hiatus. I’ve not been terribly busy but seemed to need a break from writing.  Today, I am doing some help desk coverage while other members of the team are headed to training at an Autodesk event. This happens every year coinciding with the new releases of the software/applications. So, to get myself warmed up a bit, I took a stroll down to the Autodesk forums and found something called Autodesk Answer Day. The idea is that it is a live Q&A session hosted on a certain forum page. The first answer day was an AutoCAD Answer Day hosted on this board this past Friday on May 7th, 2015. The people responding ranged from community managers and customer service to product designers and analysts.

One of the first topics I noticed was about the sheet set manager. If you have no idea what that is, PLEASE take a minute to educate yourself about the most underused power tool in the AutoCAD platform. Now that you’re familiar, let’s find out what problem is being asked. “Jarsky” wanted to know why the drawings and folders on the model tab did not sort alphabetically. See below for what was happening to him. Read more of this post


Windows Explorer – 2 quick tips

Typically, when browsing our network through Windows Explorer, we’ll double-click the folders in the right pane and keep double-clicing until we drill down to the desired location.  There are 2 quick tips to help everyone here….

1 – Customize Favorites

Favorites will be listed at the top of the Navigation Pane (left handed side of Windows Explorer). These will always be at the top. So if there are specific network locations you frequent, adding a link to the Favorites will help you jump to that location in one click.

To add a link (which could be a folder, a saved search, a library or even a drive), DRAG it to the Favorites section from the right hand side and that’s it!  Additionally, you can have your CAD Manager create a folder called something like “_Current Project Shortcuts“on your standards drive (i.e.- I:\Civil3D) and DRAG that folder to your Favorites.  You can then quickly jump to several active project locations quickly. By default, the shortcuts generally point to the CAD folders, but even if that’s not your desired destination, you’re much closer than starting from scratch!

2 – Automatically Expand to Current Folder

By default, the navigation pane does not follow you as you click down through folders on the network. To get that desired functionality, we need to do the following:

  • In an open window, click ORGANIZE and then click FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS.
  • In the Folder Options dialog box, click the GENERAL tab,
  • Select the AUTOMATICALLY EXPAND TO CURRENT FOLDER check box and then click OK.

And you’re done!

And now for a BONUS – the Recycle Bin is often displayed with trash in it.  And it screams to have it emptied, ot at elast it does for me.  That constant nagging can be disruptive. So to rid yourself of that nagging….

To show or hide the Recycle Bin on the desktop

  •  Click the Start button  , type desktop icons into the search box, and then click Show or hide common icons on the desktop.
  •  In the Desktop Icon Settings dialog box, do one of the following:
  • To hide the Recycle Bin, clear the Recycle Bin check box.
  • To show the Recycle Bin, select the Recycle Bin check box.
  • Click OK.


HOW TO: Jump Quickly to Different Project Locations

Ed. Note: My apologies for not updating more frequently – with sickness, presentations, and simply more snow than my kids know what to do with – the blog took a hit.  I have a few posts in the hopper which will post over the next week or so.  Enjoy!

Many times, when we’re working in AutoCAD (or even MS Word), we’ll have an explorer window open to that path. And when we want to open a CAD file with our super secret nested folders, sometimes it can take 15 plus clicks just to get where we want to be, presuming we didn’t click a wrong folder or 2 along the way. Read more of this post

Pesky off-screen windows

Today’s quick tip is something that those who know forget we know about it. And those who dont know get completely frustrated to the point that the “application” must have “frozen” the computer.  Rest assured, that is not the case.

In the interest of being quick, i shot a video to do the explanation part. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



more about “Windows – move window“, posted with vodpod



Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS) that IT will like!

Ed NOTE: After a birdie told me this might not work as advertised, Autodesk was contacted to determine exactly what does work. It turns out that during development Civil 3D was setup to allow this but ADMS does not and it was decided to keep the function there.  My contact was just as intrigued as you are right now. Bottomline – this is a tease of things to come. Not a “deal breaker” as the dirdie would say…

Just wanted let everyone know (in IT that is) supporting Vault and ADMS has gotten easier with 2009.  You can now utilize your Active Directory (AD) Users and Groups for Vault.  Users and groups can then be managed using Windows permissions.

Domain users & user group accounts can be imported into ADMS. ADMS cannot manage these, it is simply reading the AD.  So, you can promote ADMS accounts to AD and demote AD accounts to ADMS. The promotion/demotion may or may not be useful to you.  Simply create 2 new groups in AD – either vault editors or consumers and populate them with users that way. Then import these groups to ADMS!  When users log in, they see this from Vault (which has dropped the explorer name for 2009) from Civil 3D:










VISTA sp1 – Take 2 – YMMV….

What the heck does ymmv mean?  Depending on when you were born, you may or may not know the answer.  In our case, it refers to the common phrase – your mileage may vary.  Why do i bring this up?  My previous post about the speed comparison between VISTA sp1 and WinXp sp2 left you waiting for future developments. As it turns out, older hardware was used to get those results.  If you do take newer hardware and apply the same benchmarks (as Ed Bott of ZDNet did recently), VISTA does indeed outperform WinXP. Read more of this post

VISTA sp1 – Does it start to bring the AEC community from WinXP?

Civil 3D continually requires us to evaluate our current hardware.  As such, i have to stay abreast of many different influences. And since i have been unable to shift time (at least not without a DVR) or create additional time in a day, i rely on other sources that ar far more entrenched in those areas.  In this case, ZDNet gives me the boost i need.

vista.jpg vs win_xp.jpg

Read more of this post

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