Civil 3D Style Evolution

I teach a fair amount of classes around the functionality of Civil 3D. One common dilemma I hear students discuss is how to handle styles. Yes, you can put them in a template and have the standard set of styles available. But what happens when I need to present an object differently than the company standard? Agent Smith once said “You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability…”

Yes, style change is inevitable. After the break, I’ll give you my solution which does not end in death…

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HOW TO: Deal with “multiply owned objects”

OK, so this is more of a simple reminder to myself. Many places, discussion groups, other blogs, etc., have gone in depth about this issue. Suffice it to say that the solution is “unsupported”.  🙂

With that, here’s the issue. At various times, like after a save, you might see (actually, SAVE might be the only place, just not awake to remember…):

*Warning* Mulitply owned object, handle “##zz#z#z”

You may even see this several times at the command line, the only difference being different “handle” strings. Take note of each one.  Then, type this at the command line for each handle:

(ENTDEL(HANDENT “handle”))

This will remove the problem, which appears to center around a style error. The above resolves that error but may delete the style to do so.

If so, simply use the new commands in 2011 to import the style;


Enjoy your Monday!

A new day!

At least a different day from last monday. For those who read this, job searching in today’s market is not completely bleak.  It just means I may have to commute somewhere further than my home office. 🙂 

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