Hacking PDF to DWG

You’ve just gotten a Request for Proposal on a new project opportunity and with the supplied documentation are PDF files of the various drawings. As part of the RFP, you are required to supply your own drawings indicating how you would construct the project as well as enough information to establish a construction estimate. Thinking to yourself, “ I’ve got this one.  I’ve done this type of project enough to know the pain areas of the design.  The proposal documents are almost ready to go but I’ll blow the entire RFP budget on the drawings.  How can I stay on budget and win the project?

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Keeping those Skills Sharp

Shaan Hurley reminds us today that Autodesk is still in the business of fostering a strong design community. And in this case, they are providing students, faculty, veterans and un-employed professionals access to their design software for a THREE year period at ZERO cost. The only functional difference is that all plots get a “for educational purposes” type of watermark. All other commands and functions work exactly the same.

I’ve had the opportunity to use this olive branch a couple of times during this tough economic period.  It certainly allowed me to see what’s in the new versions and also give me a sense of confidence when going into interviews and networking opportunities.


Head on over to Shaan’s blog for his notes on the topic!

The Future of Civil Engineering and Surveying Technology

OK, the title is a little bit of a stretch.  Anyone who knows isn’t telling and anyone who does tell really doesn’t know. That said…

Have you wondered what others are thinking about where civil engineering and surveying technology is headed? Then join an upcoming webcast (November 13th at 2pm) hosted by the editorial director of CE News, Shanon Fauerbach, PE.  She is joined by the CAD Systems Manager for Miller Legg (29th Best Civil Engineering Firm to Work For).

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To be discussed:

  • 3-D Modeling and it’s current adoption in the industry
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • GPS Machine Control
  • 3-D Laser Scanning

This webcast was born out of a desire to expand on the detail of the November CE News cover story – Civil Engineering Technology, How far have we come? The article details a survey generated with input from the people who make the engineering tools (software / hardware companies) to the people who use or manage the tools (civil engineering firms). Take a look at the article online to see the results, you will be intrigued.

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