Sorting in Sheet Set Manager Model Tab

adesk answer day

Alright then… Back from an extended writing hiatus. I’ve not been terribly busy but seemed to need a break from writing.  Today, I am doing some help desk coverage while other members of the team are headed to training at an Autodesk event. This happens every year coinciding with the new releases of the software/applications. So, to get myself warmed up a bit, I took a stroll down to the Autodesk forums and found something called Autodesk Answer Day. The idea is that it is a live Q&A session hosted on a certain forum page. The first answer day was an AutoCAD Answer Day hosted on this board this past Friday on May 7th, 2015. The people responding ranged from community managers and customer service to product designers and analysts.

One of the first topics I noticed was about the sheet set manager. If you have no idea what that is, PLEASE take a minute to educate yourself about the most underused power tool in the AutoCAD platform. Now that you’re familiar, let’s find out what problem is being asked. “Jarsky” wanted to know why the drawings and folders on the model tab did not sort alphabetically. See below for what was happening to him. Read more of this post


Model View Sort of Non-existent

This is just a quick note about the Sheet Set Manager. You may already know this…  As of AutoCAD 2012, the files listed in the model views tab of Sheet Set Manager are not sorted nor can you make them sort.  Here’s what I am talking about:

Read more of this post

Sheet Set Manager Monster

Have you seen this monster lately?

If so, you’ve been walking into SSM territory.  (apologies to Lazy Drafter for the image manglization).  It seems more and more people are using the Sheet Set Manager today than in the past. So, for those of us who solved these little riddles of autocad, here’s a refresher. Read more of this post


I wanted to get this out so pardon the short nature…

For those sheet set users out there, we (meaning Steve) has uncovered a bug in the sheet set manager in 2009. The system variable PUBLISHCOLLATE is broken and to quote him “is a hot topic for SP1.”  This variable controls whether sheets are published as a single job or as individual plots. The short answer for now is to keep the .DST files in 2008 until the service pack comes out.


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