Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 2

To pickup where we left off, let’s review what we have in the drawing.


The missing part is the parcel information in the data band between the “property lines.”

To do this, we have two options, one would be to just create hard text that would require re-positioning whenever the alignment moved or use a pipe connected to the structures, allowing the pipe information to adjust as the alignment adjusted. But how do we use the pipe to use the parcel information?
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Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 1


Living in Pennsylvania, the Marcellus Shale has had a positive business impact on firms in and around the area. With that, the Oil & Gas industry has brought a new way of creating design documentation than we have been accustomed to doing in the past. For instance, the pipeline will stretch many miles and cross many properties. And as is often the case, easements will have to be obtained. So along the pipeline concept plan will have to be some documentation of property impact.

Along comes the idea that in the profile, we add a band indicating the station at which a parcel line crosses the alignment. And, in between those “crossings,” we indicate who owns that parcel.


Snapshot Courtesy of Entech Engineering, Reading, PA.

So, how do we do that?

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Review: Pipe and Structure Name Changes Don’t Update To References

Time for a little review. Today topic is Pipe Networks and Data References. The scenario – Designer X is charged with laying out the drainage system for a new development. We have a composite surface representing both the existing and proposed surfaces.  The production sheets are underway and awaiting to reference in the systems to begin labeling.

What happens next is what happens most frequently – Designer X creates the network in plan so that the production sheets can be started and the actual analysis of the system can begin. So the Pipe network parts will have names like Structure – (1) or something similar. So that’s what you’ll see.

Moving on, we see that the pipe network has been designed, inverts adjusted structure names change, etc. The production sheet has adjusted network labels to be readable. But when the production sheet updates the reference, everything updates EXCEPT for the structure names. Eh?

pipe reference

What are our options to resolve this inconsistency?

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