Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 1


Living in Pennsylvania, the Marcellus Shale has had a positive business impact on firms in and around the area. With that, the Oil & Gas industry has brought a new way of creating design documentation than we have been accustomed to doing in the past. For instance, the pipeline will stretch many miles and cross many properties. And as is often the case, easements will have to be obtained. So along the pipeline concept plan will have to be some documentation of property impact.

Along comes the idea that in the profile, we add a band indicating the station at which a parcel line crosses the alignment. And, in between those “crossings,” we indicate who owns that parcel.


Snapshot Courtesy of Entech Engineering, Reading, PA.

So, how do we do that?

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Broken label styles

Just a quick note today. I’ll be doing more of these snippets to not only refresh the content but make me feel less awkward for being away for so long. That said…

Today’s Quick Note is about label styles in Civil 3D.  Recently, i’ve had to revive old projects and bring them current. Usually, this means inserting older files into a fresh new shiny file based on our template. Or at least that should be the workflow.

Went into a file from scratch and inserted the legacy file, creating parcels for “resource management” type calcs.  WHen the parcel would form, there’d be no label. My immediate reaction was to think i brought something in that corrupted the file. IN hind sight, nt far from the truth.  Did my usual purge/audit file fixes and still no parcel label.  Then i thought about autocad text styles. opened that dialog to find our template styles and the legacy styles there. OK, no problem so far.  THen, i hit the DWG default label settings.  Lo and behold, the default text style is BLANK. [insert favorite mystery movie sound]. So i fix that, but the child override is checked. I clear that to enforce the style across all labels and i’m set!

I go back and relabel the parcel and ta da, good as new.  So what did i do wrong?  I went the wrong way down the workflow street.  Instead of bringing in the template to the legacy file, i should have brought the legacy file into a new template based file; thereby preserving not only the styles, but the default settings and command settings. There’s hope that this workflow street may become 2 way in the future…

I usually have a few pictures to illustrate the issue, but brain wasn’t engaged during the issue and can’t seem to replicate it now.  Oh well; back to the grind. See you tomorrow!

Did someone say Webcast? On Parcels? I gotta see this!

The live webcasts have sort of been on hiatus lately, probably in preparation for Autodesk University.  However, a live session has been posted for next Friday, the 16th on Parcels.  See below for details….  Also, the folks over at host a chat during the webcast to discuss what’s happening in the webcast. You just have to login (or register) to contribute to the conversation. See you there!

Working with Parcels Objects: Using Civil 3D 2008 to Create, Modify, and Manage Parcels

Presenter: Jerry Bartels, Autodesk Civil Technical Specialist
Friday, November 16, 2007
9 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT

Register for This LIVE Webcast

Join us for a 60 minute session dedicated solely to parcel objects. Jerry Bartels will demonstrate how to create parcels by layout and from objects. He will also show the various tools available in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software for automatically sizing parcels, labeling parcels, and adding annotations. You will also learn how to create useful documentation like parcel area tables and legal descriptions. Throughout the presentation, Jerry will demonstrate how Civil 3D integrated GIS tools make creating and working with parcels even more powerful.

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