Infraworks Model Location

Just a quick tip to keep track of the roller coaster that is Infraworks 360.  When you use Model Builder to generate a quick model OR are using the collaboration aspects of Infraworks, the application will download a model to a default location on your hard drive.

Infraworks download model

Infraworks download model

For most people this default location (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Autodesk InfraWorks Models) might be satisfactory. For me, I need to manage the location and subsquent models without having to dig too deep on my hard drive. I prefer to use my secondary drive and a specific folder, in this case D:\Autodesk InfraWorks Models. That defines the requirement. You might prefer to use a folder in the root of your hard drive as well. How do you set a new location? Read more of this post

AU 2009 Report – Part 1

Good morning all! Spent a nice time last week at Autodesk University 2009.

[This is the main keynote session; i was a bit early. The session was in the Mandalay Bay Event Center, you know, like holds concerts and stuff? Not sure what the head count was but it seemed to be around 6000 folks if i had to guess.]

Lots of learning, walking, chatting and more walking.  If you’re not physically active by nature, AU can certianly give that jump start.  What did i take away?  Lots to tell.  I’ll try to break it into bite size chunks throughout the week.  Today’s lesson is on certification, specifically Autodesk certification. While @ AU, the assessments and tests were offered for free! And, if you could pass 7 exams, AU 2010 would be on them!

The challenge was on…  How was i going to try and do it? How was i going to catch all my classes?  How?

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