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About Kevin

Hi… Please see my LinkedIn profile for complete experience history. If you’re completely lost about what a LinkedIn profile might be, here’s the “quick to the slow” version (my apologies to Dr Seuss fans):

Graduated in 1991 during a economic slow time for Engineering firms. So I began work life as a Critical Areas Planner in Salisbury, MD. I soon moved to New Jersey in 1993 to marry and began work at a small firm (less than 10 people) called Schindelar & Associates. When it felt as though that firm wasn’t going to last, i accepted a position at Schoor DePalma (which was CMX and is now part of Birdsall) in 1996. Then moved to ACT Engineers from burnout at Schoor DePalma. I would’ve stayed at ACT but decided to be closer to my ill mother and moved to Delaware and began work at Becker Morgan in 2004. Sadly both the job and mom did not last long and moved back north to be near my wife’s parents and ended up at Horizon Engineering in 2005. Out of the blue in 2006, an old contact who happened to be the owner of Microsol Resources, contacted me about coming to work for him. I was nervous to leave the practice behind. But i did and enjoyed my time there. That time came to an end recently when I became an economic statistic. With what can only be described as an act of God, i received and accepted a job offer in less than a month to work for KlingStubbins.  This past winter KlingStubbins was acquired by Jacobs Engineering.  As a result of what is apparently cost cutting measures at Jacobs, I am now working for Synergis Technologies as a Civil Solutions Engineer doing a bit of everything, ranging from support and training to customization and consulting for Autodesk’s civil engineering related applications.

3 thoughts on “About Kevin

  1. Hi Kevin,

    After reading through your blog, I wondered whether you would be interested in reviewing our software. SITEOPS is distinct from other CAD plug-ins and drawing tools on the market. It can produce cost-optimized preliminary site designs for grading, layout, and piping within hours instead of months. We believe it represents the future of the industry.

    We would be very interested in your feedback. Let me know if we can set you up with a free login, training, and/or online demo.

    Best regards,

    Tess Gadwa

    Communications Manager
    BLUERIDGE Analytics


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