Another short post today… This is for folks that customize the Quick Access Toolbar with either additional stock icons or maybe icons with custom commands. It’s the thing in the upper left of Civil 3D that has small icons. 🙂

Anyway, it has had a bug for a long time. Let’s set the stage.

You’re at the office, plugging away on a project. You realize it’s 6:30 at night and are late for anything at this point. So you save the file and leave C3D open. The next day, you have to work from home and decide to remote into your machine at the office. You open up remote desktop and connect to your computer. When you get connected, you notice the QAT does NOT look anything like the customizations you had the day before.

Well, now what? There are ways to recover the QAT using the backup CUI file. But that is super annoying to do.

Your office announces that the company is moving to 2023 next week with training/introduction to follow. Fast forward a couple months after you’ve been working in 2023. You’re faced with another situation where you left C3D open at the office and are working from home in the afternoon. Crap, I’m gonna have to fix the QAT again. You connect to your machine only to notice the QAT is not reset and looks like it is supposed to look. You pause… You confirm with your IT person just to make sure you’re not crazy. YES! This bug/issue is resolved in 2023! +

For those that struggle with restoring the QAT, our friends over at Land F/X wrote a post about this several years ago, and its what I use to help folks with this issue:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled day watching youtube between saves. 🙂