Just a quick note to self… In recent versions of Civil 3D, Autodesk has turned off the layer manager tools either on purpose or accidently. What tools am I talking about? These….

These represent ways to import and export your layer filters. Layer filters are not a DWG content category in Design Center. So you were either left to recreate them manually or live without them at all. In my field, we can end up with more than 1000 layers per drawing and more when using external references.

Wait, are you telling me these don’t exist in C3D 202X? By default, yes. But you can make them visible with a simple workaround.

You need to edit the registry. If you’re uncomfortable doing that, I suggest you make a backup before making edits. This can be done from the editor prior to making changes…. enough about liabilities, what’s the hack?

  • Open the registry editor (you maye need to run as administrator to make changes)
  • Navigate to this folder:
    • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R<version>\
    • the version and version edition are specific to the flavor of Autocad.
  • Right click on the Key named ADT and choose MODIFY (or double click the key)
  • Enter this value: AeclayerManagerEx.dll and click OK.
  • Close and Restart Civil 3D. You should now see the above tools!