How many times have you moved your cursor to switch drawings and ultimately either just switched to a layout or even a layout of a different file? For me, that happens ALL THE TIME! I am here to tell you that I am not alone. Wait, that’s backwards…. What I mean is, I have found many folks who suffer the same problem with the same OCD response; Curse you AutoCAD trying to be helpful! What I really mean to say is that there is a solution to our “issue.”

The answer lies within the seven levels of the Express Tools forest, past the sea of swirly and twirly civil 3d settings, AutoCAD’s mysterious and often obscure system variables. {Sorry, I was channeling my inner Buddy the Elf} Specifically two candy canes, I mean system variables control the file tabs:

You’ve seen this before…

Both variables use values that are either ON (value=1) or OFF (value=0). I prefer to have them both OFF; which would look like this:

Notice my ribbon isn’t switching, I’m not losing my place, and not waiting for Civil 3D to regenerate the model. Tada! Enjoy the week, Sanity is on the way!

Really, that’s the end. Here’s to more insights!