Civil 3D Style Evolution

I teach a fair amount of classes around the functionality of Civil 3D. One common dilemma I hear students discuss is how to handle styles. Yes, you can put them in a template and have the standard set of styles available. But what happens when I need to present an object differently than the company standard? Agent Smith once said “You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability…”

Yes, style change is inevitable. After the break, I’ll give you my solution which does not end in death…

As we know, templates can contain pre-defined styles for objects, labels and tables. The first rule of Civil 3D club is NO ONE ALTERS A TEMPLATE STYLE. There will come a time to make a change for one reason or another. Here is a recommended workflow to track, audit and implement those changes and possibly fold them into the template.

  1. Make a copy of a style similar to what you need.
  2. Rename that copy with your initials as a suffix.
  3. Edit the copied style as needed and save your file.
  4. At your earliest opportunity, notify your CAD/BIM Leader of your new style. Include:
  5. Filename and path of file containing new style
  6. Type and Name of new style
  7. Context/reason for new style

That seems easy enough to do. But one question; How do I make a copy of an existing style? There are many ways actually.


Figure 1

You can right-click on any style in the Settings tab and select Copy… as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 2

Any time you’re in a dialog box that allows you to select a style, there is a button adjacent to the drop down list for style options. Click the down arrow next to it to get a list of options. In that list is Copy Current Selection. And now you have a brand new copy!

Now get back to work! That’s enough impersonating your CAD Manager.

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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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