Infraworks Model Location

Just a quick tip to keep track of the roller coaster that is Infraworks 360.  When you use Model Builder to generate a quick model OR are using the collaboration aspects of Infraworks, the application will download a model to a default location on your hard drive.

Infraworks download model

Infraworks download model

For most people this default location (C:\Users\\Documents\Autodesk InfraWorks Models) might be satisfactory. For me, I need to manage the location and subsquent models without having to dig too deep on my hard drive. I prefer to use my secondary drive and a specific folder, in this case D:\Autodesk InfraWorks Models. That defines the requirement. You might prefer to use a folder in the root of your hard drive as well. How do you set a new location?

Update: Infraworks360 2016 now has the ability to save/store the model on a network shared drive. When Infraworks360 opens the model, it creates a local cache of the model for performance reasons. The model still resides on the network.

Again, this post was intended to show how to enforce a specific location other than the default. You could previously browse to any local hard drive folder; but you had to do this every time.  By hacking the registry, the desired destination would become permanent.

The answer is found in the registry, of course. 🙂

It’s buried in the current user keys. Specifically, we want to look within:

HKCU\Software\Autodesk\Infraworks 360 (Some people may not have the collaboration version, so that would be ‘Infraworks’ instead of ‘Infraworks 360’)

The key we need to modify is called:


The value for the path based on my example would be

D:/Autodesk InfraWorks Models/  (notice the slash direction!)

Along those same lines, Infraworks is a GIS application at its core. So, we will often have a common location to share GIS shapefiles and imagery. There is a key in the same location of the registry called UserDataSourcePath. Specifying the path here will force the data source dialog box to open in that folder!

For me, I would use something like D:/GIS Data for this path.

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