Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 2

To pickup where we left off, let’s review what we have in the drawing.


The missing part is the parcel information in the data band between the “property lines.”

To do this, we have two options, one would be to just create hard text that would require re-positioning whenever the alignment moved or use a pipe connected to the structures, allowing the pipe information to adjust as the alignment adjusted. But how do we use the pipe to use the parcel information?

Well, we need to assign optional properties to a part. It’s these optional properties we want. To make a list, we need something like:

  1. tract number
  2. owner name
  3. deed reference number

These optional properties will be something we can use within the text contents of the label. But we have to create the properties first for the parts. The boys and girls over at BEING CIVIL posted about this back in 2010. So take a look at that post for the optional pipe property creation details. Of course, for this to work across your team, the pipe network catalog settings for each user should point to a shared network folder containing the pipe and structure catalogs.


After adding the optional properties, you may see something like this:


Adding the values to the property is the only sticking point for me.

You can manually type the values of course, but those values are in the part catalog; meaning you could end up with a long drop down list of values. Of course, if you’re typing values to enter, does it matter that the list is long?

The cool part about this is that you can not only include this information in the profile, but you can use it in a pipe table. Although, you probably already have the parcels defined in Civil 3D. But this way, the table can be limited to those parcels impacted by the utility alignment!

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