View Controls in AutoCAD


See the above images? For some, these are great tools to navigate within your model. For others, they are more than a distraction and often in the way of getting work accomplished. Additionally, some vertical applications turn them on by default and other applications turn them off by default. So today’s quick tip will show you WHERE to toggle the visibility of these tools.

As you may have guessed, the toggle lives in the options dialog and is a CAD environment based variable as opposed to something that is set within the DWG itself.

In that options dialog, we want to go to the “3D MODELING” tab and within the Display Tools in Viewport section are the toggles of interest.


These toggles control visibility for the ViewCube, the UCS Icon, and the Viewport Controls. Additionally, the Viewcube and UCS Icon has the option to control visibility depending on the current AutoCAD visual style applied to the viewport. IF… you don’t know what a visual style is, typically your files will be in a 2D wireframe style. Actually, the current visual style is shown in the Viewport Controls!


Lastly, there are additional settings for the Viewcube. When hovering near the cube, you will see additional functions become visible. One of those is a drop down menu to get to the settings. The settings allow to have a finer control over what’s visible, where it is displayed in the CAD window and so forth.



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