Annotative Brain Freeze

Man, I hate coming back to AutoCAD sometimes.  Like when I’ve been away in Revit for 6 months and see this nastiness…

I knew a system variable probably controlled this or at least maybe those 2 buttons hidding down in the lower right corner, but to no avail. See sysvars ANNOALLVISIBLE and ANNOAUTOSCALE for more detail.

The answer was indeed a sysvar called SelectionAnnoDisplay and should be set to ZERO to hide scale representations (or ONE if you want to see them all) of selected annotative text. Alright, back to work, nothing to see here….

Yes, I know someone probably already has posted this – it’s for my own sanity… Writing things down is like using a Sharpie on the brain.


About Kevin
Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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