Model View Sort of Non-existent

This is just a quick note about the Sheet Set Manager. You may already know this…  As of AutoCAD 2012, the files listed in the model views tab of Sheet Set Manager are not sorted nor can you make them sort.  Here’s what I am talking about:

The response from Autodesk is that the ability to sort “isn’t present in the software. Any workaround, such as unbinding and rebinding the files in the order you desire, would be inefficient at best for a large sheet set (you would have to add one drawing at a time, and if drawings were added later on in the process you’d need to reload everything).”

They suggest requesting this “feature” using the Autodesk Suggestion Box:

Please pass this on and have everyone request this simple need.  If you have more than a hand full of files listed, it can become tough to find the file you want. And in my example above, the issue worsens when using the clients CAD standard that requires a numbering system for sheet and model file. I added suffixes to a few so I didn’t lose my mind.  Wait, to late….  🙂


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