Midsummer Classic 2011

I usually don’t write about life stories, but I thought that should change today. This week, my family is away from home. So that leaves me “free” to work late, eat whatever I want, watch sports for as long as I want. Generally getting my own peace of mind back.  Last night was the 2012 MLB all-star game. For those that don’t follow baseball, Wikipedia has a great breakdown on the game and how the managers and players are chosen. In all, 34 players make up each team for a total of 68 all-stars.  This year however, there were 84 total all-stars due to 2 factors; pitchers who were selected to the team but pitched on the Sunday prior cannot pitch in the game, and players who take the all-star “break (3 days in total)” to heal from injuries. The story is not about those whose injuries are documented by being on the disabled list, but those who are banged up by simply playing the game we all love.

The pinnacle of that “injury” backout plan came from Derek Jeter, whom many consider the current “Ambassador of Baseball”, Cal Ripken being the previous ambassador.  Jeter hit his 3,000 hit on Saturday. That’s something only 27 other players have done in the history of the sport. He was then supposed to attend his 12th classic but decided to take the time off because of mental and physical exhaustion dealing with the media attention around his 3,000th hit.  OK.

Fast forward to the game which was played last night at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona with 16 of the 84 players not in attendance due to the 2 factors above.  The game itself was actually fun to watch. From the bleacher report, some great moments were:

  • Having Joel Hanrahan pitch the 9th inning for the National league team. Joel plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates, yes that long forgotten team in Pittsburgh. He is lights out this year. What a great honor for him to pitch the 9th.
  • Watching Phillies’ own Roy Halladay pitch 2 awesome innings to start the game. Enough said.
  • Prince Fielder’s 3 run home run, the first by a Milwaukee all-star, ever.

But what struck me with intrigue was Brian Wilson, the closer for the San Francisco Giants. He’s been doing that arms crossed thing for awhile now.  So I thought I would find out what it meant.

Are you kidding me? Read this for the actual meaning.  First, here’s a guy with an attitude of desperation as an athlete and that the gesture honors Christ for saving him in that desperation. Now compare that devotion to the game and his faith to the blasé attitude players seem to have towards actually playing in a “pickup” game for the fans that chose them in the first place?

I’m at a loss for words I think… What do you think?  Do you care?


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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