Stardate 2010-12-10-1143 – Diary of an AU Professional

My oldest daughter, let’s call her L, is a voracious 3rd grade reader. We often spend some time each weekend at Barnes & Noble looking for a new book to buy.  By the way, when did we stop going to the public library? Anyway…

One of her favorites is the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. She’s dying to get the do it yourself version. Yeah, a blank diary that’s simply got the look and feel of the book with some prodding from the author on how to begin journaling.

Not to be outdone though, is her younger 1st grade sister, named K, She quickly will grab any book she can find to prove she can read as well if not better than L. (Since Dana took all the great Civil 3D names, I thought I’d go the Men in Black route  🙂 )

Apart from the cute nature of children, why does this have any relevance to AU2010?

In light of the recent economic struggles, it seems that everyone is trying to paint a brighter picture regardless of outlook.  My general sense was that the message of AU 2010 is that we’re bigger and better than last year! As if the older AU was better by default.  Don’t get me wrong, AU is always a great buy for education, networking and professional growth. But i got a sense that AU2010 was out to prove something to AU2009; sibling rivalry.

So what did happen?  From the General Keynote session to each industry specific keynote, excitement for the present and future was overwhelming.  AU 2009, as in previous events, would show you the future of design, construction, or media. Avatar being the biggest presentation of future media.

This year, however, the theme was “The POWER of the POSSIBLE”; look what you can do now. This year’s media showcase was TRON: Legacy presented by Cliff Plummer from Digital Domain.  The process began in 2007 by creating the TRON world digitally.  This led to a 3 minute prototype to get buy-in from Disney.  Is this starting to sound familiar?

With the wide release of the movie in seven days, I think they were successful.

In that same general session, we had other great firms producing great things today.  The list below is simply amazing:

Escape Dynamics – Microwave ground powered space shuttles

Washington DOT – Simulations of Seattle’s Alaskan Way project

Tesla Motors “ Model S electric automobile for the typical family, and

Bespoke Innovations “ Prosthetics built from 3D scans of the recipient

All of those innovations are occurring today.  But what may hold the greatest promise is the recent advance of cloud computing and how Autodesk is harnessing that power. Recent Labs projects included Homestyler (an online app to create your dream home or simply remodel the kitchen) and Showroom (used to create interactive synthetic photographs) all utilize the cloud in different ways to help with design and communication. And as most AutoCAD fans know, AutoCAD WS is now available as an online app as well as for the iPadâ„¢, iPhone®, and iPod touch®. It is intended for online editing and collaboration, yes shared drawings.

What’s fantastic about all of the above is that it is simply an amazing year given the economy. Stock indices’ seem to point to a bit of indecision about the future; almost holding it’s collective breath for another year.  Well, if AU2010 is any indication, we should be locked and loaded to facilitate the growth.

Oh, and just so you know, being the younger sibling has its strengths. Can you make the most of your firm’s strengths and succeed in the new year?


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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