Design Doughnuts

Great, now I’m hungry.  Bygones…  Anyway, I had a unique scenario happen yesterday that had nothing to do with the SAP announcements.  On a project, we have a 3 phase commercial development. So we have an existing surface (EG), phase 1 design (FG1), phase 2 design (FG2) and phase 3 design (FG3). But for yesterday, we needed to develop an existing surface for phase 2. Alright, no problem eh?  Simply make a new surface, call it EG-ph1, paste in EG and then FG1 and call it a day.

Not so fast. FG1 has a doughnut hole area that is undisturbed. In the FG1 surface, that area is governed by a hide boundary. When you paste those 2 surfaces together, that particular area is still hidden, a literal hole in the surface.

Great, what do I do now?  I had to leave in 5 minutes and had no ideas. So I took copies of the files home to “tinker” with the process. And this is what I found…

First, in the FG1 surface, it doesn’t matter if you use a HIDE boundary or delete the tin lines, the resulting surface paste is the same.

But then I had a light bulb hit me in the head [sidebar – I was working at Panera Bread and they had setup the tables so that the lights were in between the tables…  perfect for the moment it seems.] and it occurred to me I could use the old trick when trying to display a finished surface that cuts into an existing surface in a 3d view. Sing along with me; you extract the FG boundary, add it to the EG as a hide boundary and you shake it all about. You do the surface pokey and you turn yourself … yeah, that’s enough.

So, applying this to my current scenario, I need to extract the inner boundary of FG1. Create a new EG-hole surface; Paste EG, add the extracted boundary to EG-hole, NOW add EG-hole surface to my EG-ph1 and it “feels like magic.”

Now, I gotta find anything resembling a breakfast pastry….


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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