Civil 3D performance monitor

No, i’m not talking about the sysinternals resource monitor.  Nope, Autodesk has released a performance monitor on the Labs site.  Here’s what you get:

a color-coded status bar indicating the level of usage of virtual memory by AutoCAD products. When large amounts of virtual memory are in use, the running process may become unstable.

If interested, the direct page is here. You’ll need to login or register to download.



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6 Responses to Civil 3D performance monitor

  1. Dave Drahn says:

    Mine wouldn’t work on Win7x64 using C3D11, Acad10 and MEP 10 & 11. The gadget would sit there “no Autodesk app running..” if I had one or more desk apps going.


  2. Kevin says:

    What’s interesting for me is that i have a laptop and desktop. The laptop has acad and c3d installed while the desktop is only c3d. Running c3d first, the app wouldn’t indicate anything. Once i loaded acad, it picked up both apps on the laptop. I haven;t gotten it to work on my desktop just yet….

    I wrote a note to Labs but haven;t heard back just yet. Will keep you posted!


  3. Norton says:

    Is there a readme?


    • Kevin says:

      Yes, there is. It’s located here:


  4. Martin says:

    I need this for WinXP – any ideas??


    • Kevin says:

      Sadly, only Vista or Win7…. Sorry.


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