Working with other firms

OK, I gotta say something. When two firms realize they are both working in Civil 3D…

For the love of clean & accurate models, please don’t let your Project Managers accept anything but LandXML export files of each other’s design objects. Of course, sharing DWG files that are simply lines and text does not change.  But having to rebuild someone else’s data reference structure to get the end result of an FG or EG surface or even different utilities is just painful let alone confusing.

OK, back to work…  🙂


About Kevin
Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

3 Responses to Working with other firms

  1. Clem Kuns says:

    I totally agree with your theory Kevin. When working only with C3D this is a simple way to go. Unfortunately, when working with say Trimble Business Center, Topcon, etc etc, everyone has a different idea of how to compile LandXML files. If all the manufacturers would get on board with a truly universal format (whether LandXML or another), life would really be good 😉


  2. Matt Anderson says:

    Learn the Promote Data Reference command!


  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks Matt. Yes that is also a possible solution.

    For those that might be unaware, Saveas a new DWG file and then promote the data reference. If you skip the saveas part, you now have duplicate objects! Sorry to state the obvious… 🙂

    Promote DRef’s will give you the data in the form of how the other firm meant to present it. LandXML will simply give you the data but in how your own firm presents the data. Pick your preference/standard!


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