Base mapping geometry ownership

Often times, we’ll get survey linework that is not a “survey of the field conditions, a sort of half hearted attempt to describe the site conditions.  Now, I don’t mean to say that the necessary effort wasn’t put in by the field guys or the office guys to create and map the conditions. But, the typical problem is that with any collection method, you’re introducing error. And how you limit that error defines the accuracy of the survey.

Now, with point clouds, I suppose the accuracy level goes up, but it still relies on the user to interpret correctly.

Now the good stuff. After catching up with different blogs, I came across Scott McEachron’s I.II.I blog post about survey collection tools in civil 3d. Here you’ll find the answer to the biggest culprit – finding PC & PT points along tangents in the field.  Finding those points in the field is a bit of a crap shoot.

We have fancy computers now that can add and multiply and can toss the occasional geometry problem out with ease. The survey figure is one of those fancy computer tools we should use. In Scott’s post, he does a great job of explaining the function and how to collect the data in the field without worry of generating linework issues back in the office.

Why did I write this post? A – so that I don’t forget the tool. B – so that others can be made aware of such simple and elegant tools within the app they already own!


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