HOW TO: Deal with “multiply owned objects”

OK, so this is more of a simple reminder to myself. Many places, discussion groups, other blogs, etc., have gone in depth about this issue. Suffice it to say that the solution is “unsupported”.  🙂

With that, here’s the issue. At various times, like after a save, you might see (actually, SAVE might be the only place, just not awake to remember…):

*Warning* Mulitply owned object, handle “##zz#z#z”

You may even see this several times at the command line, the only difference being different “handle” strings. Take note of each one.  Then, type this at the command line for each handle:

(ENTDEL(HANDENT “handle”))

This will remove the problem, which appears to center around a style error. The above resolves that error but may delete the style to do so.

If so, simply use the new commands in 2011 to import the style;


Enjoy your Monday!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

6 Responses to HOW TO: Deal with “multiply owned objects”

  1. tony says:

    thanks for the post. I will definitley have to try this.



  2. Matt Anderson says:

    Note that this is typically associates with Child label styles.


  3. Jason Stevens says:

    I tried that but I then got an error message. Any ideas why?

    Command: (ENTDEL(HANDENT “27732”))
    ; error: bad argument type: stringp nil


    • Kevin says:

      Hi Jason. Nothing comes to mind. In fact, i just typed that exactly in my session and it executed properly; although it had nothing to delete.

      Maybe try an audit first?

      remember, this is something that came out of different discussion threads and I wanted to make it available to the those that don’t normally venture down those roads… 🙂

      What is odd is that it is completely numeric without any alpha characters. Yeah, the more i ponder this, the more audit/purge sounds like a starting point, maybe?

      Stupid Q – have you run this by your reseller?


    • Max Lorenz says:

      You need a space between ENTDEL and (HANDENT


  4. Jason Stevens says:

    I just ran a Purge and Audit but it still doesn’t work. I knew that is had something to do with child styles but we have just been ignoring the warning messages. I haven’t sent it anywhere yet but maybe I will. Thanks.


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