Residential on the rise?

While doing my morning information upload, I came across an article on about “10 industries to watch” over the next 4 years.  The list is below. The interesting aspect to note is that half of the list is in or has been in a major decline over recent years. So it would be a decent bet that they would rebound in coming years.  The irony is that people looking for this article (and the way MSN decided to present it) seemed as though you could get a job in these industries sooner than later.

When I saw that Single-family home building was going to grow almost 30% I had to see what the noise was about. Not sure I agree, but here’s to hoping these industries do rebound soon.  Many good professionals on all sides are not practicing their craft as a result…

1. Voice over Internet protocol providers (VoIP)
2009 employees:  17,110
Projected 2014 employees: 34,850
Annualized growth: 15.3 percent 

2. Private equity, hedge funds and investment vehicles
2009 employees:
Projected 2014 employees: 58,700
Annualized growth: 10.8 percent

3. Single-family home building
2009 employees: 435,000
Projected 2014 employees: 655,000
Annualized growth: 8.5 percent

4. Car and automobile manufacturing
2009 employees: 50,756
Projected 2014 employees: 73,950
Annualized growth: 7.8 percent

5. Environmental consulting
2009 employees: 122,922
Projected 2014 employees: 176,519
Annualized growth: 7.5 percent

6. Multi-family housing construction
2009 employees: 60,000
Projected 2014 employees: 86,000
Annualized growth: 7.5 percent

7. Search engines
2009 employees: 29,530
Projected 2014 employees: 40,850
Annualized growth: 6.7 percent

8. New car dealers
2009 employees: 750,825
Projected 2014 employees: 1,033,679
Annualized growth: 6.6 percent

9. Court reporting services
2009 employees: 271,843
Projected 2014 employees: 370,993
Annualized growth: 6.4 percent

10. Mining, oil and gas machinery manufacturing
2009 employees: 45,169
Projected 2014 employees: 60,716
Annualized growth: 6.1 percent

Maybe it’s time to buy a stock or 2 in these arenas to catch the certain rebirth.


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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