HOW TO: Set Tool Palette Flyout speeds

For anyone on a laptop or with too many palettes open, managing them can become burdensome. This is an old, but often revisited topic. Of the 23 palettes, you may have these open;

  1. Layer Propertie Manager
  2. External References
  3. Toolspace
  4. Properties
  5. Markup Set Manager
  6. Tool Palette (contains subassemblies)
  7. Sheet Set Manager

With each one, you resize them accordingly to see the information they contain.  Doing so will probably impact your efficiency, ironically.

One option is to let them collapse after you move your cursor away from them. In this case, you end up with several disorganized bars roaming around on your second monitor. And, the default settings often frustrate users. 

There are 3 variables that we will deal with and have values in the milliseconds:


The problem is that they live in the local users profile settings file (fixedprofile.xml). We can go in there and make the necessary changes, but that’s awfully tedious.  Here’s a better solution. An AutoCAD software developer has created a simple downloadable app that you simply type in the values and the settings are changed, even with AutoCAD (or Civil 3D in our case) still open. Here’s the link to the page:

Now the fun stuff.  What should the values be? Lets define what each variable does first. 

Rollout Delay – sets sensitivity of palette when you roll your mouse over the palette bar.  If you want it to react slowly, increase this value.

Rollup Delay – sets sensitivity of palette when you move your mouse away from the palette. If you want them to rollup as soon as you move away, decrease this value.

Holdopen Delay – This applies to the properties palette.  When properties palette is triggered by double-clicking on a drawing entity, or by clicking on the properties button, or from the command line, the properties palette will rollout and hold for the length of time specified here.

For now, i have them set to these values:

Roll-up: 800 (8/10ths of a second)

Roll-out: 100 (1/10ths of a second)

Holdopen: 4000 (4 seconds)

Hope this helps!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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