autodesk university 2009

Wow, just realized its been about 2 weeks since last post.  My apologies – that said, a few quick words about AU 2009…

I’m headed to AU 2009 out in quaint Las Vegas, NV. You know where the sun never sets?  At least that’s my impresssion cause i never go outside to find out!

What’s AU? I big conference / networking / training event for all autodesk based products. Lots to see and do no doubt.  Looking forward to picking up tidbits here and there. But mostly looking forward to seeing folks i know only from newsgroups or other blogs. This year – it’s held from tuesday to thursday, 8am to 6:30 pm Pacific. So you east coaster peeps can still catch the afternoon and evening sessions and NOT miss work using AU virtual!

What’s AU Virtual? If you’re firm is on subscription, you can tap into that way (premier pass for free). If not, i have 4 premier passes i can hand out…..

Otherewise, here’s the fine print:

  Free and Premier Passes for AU Virtual

  • Free Pass – Available to anyone
    This pass offers access to all product clinics and up to two virtual classes with live interactive Q&A. Plus, you get a wealth of content including real-time viewing of keynotes, industry news, interviews, a technology showcase, and more. Add in access to the AU Online community and you’ve got terrific value for just signing up.
  • Premier Pass – Full access for only US$99
    Get everything included in the Free Pass plus 50+ select classes with Q&A streamed live from Las Vegas. And, after the event, learn at your own pace with 350+ on-demand classes from AU 2009. That’s more than 400 hours of professional training at your fingertips.

Note: The Premier Pass is available at no charge to Autodesk Subscription customers. Plus, everyone who registers for AU 2009—the physical event—receives four (4) complimentary Premier Passes to share with colleagues.

Let me know if you’re interested!


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