Metric metric go away come again….

some other day!  Boy, having not worked in metric in a metric year (?), i feel like a noob.  But that’s for a different day. Today’s note is for those that might not have worked in metric and are just starting.  Specifically, i’ll talk about pipe networks.  You can use the ootb metric pipe catalog and have 2010 build a full part list for you if you dont have one.  But the snafu comes when you want to try out the spiffy new feature to dump your network into storm sewers to analyze the system. Yeah, you can’t with metric pipe networks. Not directly anyway.

Alright some details. First, select a pipe or structure in the network to be analyzed. You must do this first. In 2010, the context ribbon for pipe networks appears. Towards the right end, you will a group called Analyze with a button for storm sewers. Clicking that will give you a drop down list; import file, export to file and edit in storm sewers.  Naturally, we want to pick edit in storm sewers.  This saves the network to a STM file which then opens in Storm Sewers.  Enter our metric job and this process stops dead right here.

The problem, it seems, is that storm sewers by default will open in english units. Yes, you can open SS and set the units to metric (SI), jump out and try the command, but that doesnt work either.  The only way to get the command “edit it storm sewers” to work, even with SP2, is to set the DWG to be imperial units. Period. 

Well, that option didnt work for me, i have a hard enough time working in metric that going back and forth during the process would REALLY confuse me.

So, the alternative is this:  simply use export to file and import and open SS yourself.  This process still creates the native STM file and updates c3d on import. It’s just a bit more manual labor.  Yeah, i know. Civil 3d is such hard work!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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