Vault lesson of the day

Good long morning to everyone.  Lots to catch up on. But first, a message from yesterday’s events.

C3D 2009 - Cleannnnn

Our standard new machines are Vista 64 with blah, blah….  More important to this story is that we are only loading 2010 to these new machines as they get introduced.  The only snafu is that there is one project in our vault (which is adms 2010) that hasn’t moved to the 2010 DWG format yet; it’s in testing. So, for the time being, any work has to be done in civil 3d 2009. No big deal right? So i run our base 2009 image install, which is silent, and come back to 2009 goodness ready to go.

Login error

Except it’s not. When we launch into c3d 2009 and login to the vault, we get the incompatible version error.  OK kids, if you know the answer already, don’t tell the class.  My initial response was to run away screeming. But i held my composure and thought for a moment. Ah hah!  There was some sort of hotfix thingy that let c3d 2009 work with adms 2010. All i had to do was run that and all was good!

Nah, still no vault connection…  So, i left that issue for awhile and handled other pressing issues. OK, i had no other pressing issues but i needed to let this breathe in my head for a few minutes.  When i came back, i still had nothing.  But on a random flyout, there it was, the Vault 2009 explorer. duh duh duh! The culprit was hiding.

Evil criminal

So, now i had to remove the 2009 client AND the 2010 client.  That way the 2010 client could then be re-installed to hook into both c3d 2009 and 2010!. Ugghhh….

So, after those steps, i tried to login into the vault thru c3d 2009 and success.  I did this on one test machine, eh, my desktop. Not wanting to repeat this process on the remaining machines, i created an image copy that would exclude the vault client. Now i could breathe….  So boys and girls, the lesson of the day is this: 

Post frequently to your blog; Depending on faulty memory can be detrimental to your workday.


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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