Calling all urban planners


Hello all, back early this time.  An application popped up on my radar in the last few months and I wanted to get a few opinions on useage, apparent or actual. The application is called Landxplorer. A mashup of CAD, BIM and GIS data types into one virtual visualization.  Additionally, there is a “Studio” edition to do some modeling natively. Let’s figure it out together….

It got its start by a firm in Germany it appears called 3D Geo, to which, Autodesk has since purchased around this time last year.  I have not had a chance to download the trial and test it. But the noted features are shown below (from Autodesk):

Autodesk LandXplorer Studio Professional
Use Autodesk® LandXplorer™ Studio Professional software to create and manage city models, presentation-quality video, and imagery to share with city stakeholders.

  • Aggregate file and database sources to create digital city models.
  • Rapidly build representationally accurate, visually compelling city models from imagery, terrain, and geospatial data.
  • Visualize, experience, and analyze infrastructure projects in a digital city model.
  • Produce images, videos, and plots of digital city models for presentations.
  • Easily share digital city models in a free* downloadable viewer.

Autodesk LandXplorer Server
Autodesk® LandXplorer™ Server software provides powerful, server-side hosting and rendering of large scale 3D city models and urban designs created with Autodesk LandXplorer Studio Professional. City data is processed and published to a server, where it can then be securely shared via the web, providing project reviewers, stakeholders, and citizens the ability to view, analyze, and gather information about proposed city and urban plans.

  • Share navigable visualizations of city models created in LandXplorer Studio Professional 2010 with internal and external stakeholders over the Internet.
  • Easily explore urban environments using a generic web browser.
  • Supports the decision-making process for projects by providing a wider audience access to the model.

Autodesk LandXplorer Xpress Viewer
Rapidly distribute your city model to stakeholders across the web using the free* Autodesk® LandXplorer™ Xpress Viewer software.

  • Visualize and explore your published digital city model.
  • Search for specific elements of the model, such as points of interest.
  • In conjunction with LandXplorer Studio Professional 2010, you can incorporate additional customization, such as branded splash screens, hyperlinking to external resources, and simple output generation into the project.

Autodesk LandXplorer Publisher
Publish your digital city model to KML format for use in Google Earth™ or Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ using the free* Autodesk® LandXplorer™ Publisher software

  • After building your digital city model in Autodesk LandXplorer Studio Professional, publish it to Google Earth™ or Microsoft® Virtual Earth®.
  • Create KML-based representations of your 3D city.
  • Incorporate encryption mechanisms for protecting your data.

Autodesk LandXplorer CityGML Viewer
Autodesk® LandXplorer™ CityGML Viewer software enables you to view CityGML data sets to more efficiently process and represent CityGML models for applications that require real-time 3D rendering. CityGML is available as a free* download from

* Free products subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software

Does this peak your interest? Why? Why not? Does this feel like the missing key for you?

My intial reaction is that there seems to be function overlap between what we have now in Civil 3D, Google Earth and Navisworks.  That said, simplicity is always better. The less jockeying of data on my end to get that “light bulb” moment for government agencies is what i’m after. Give me your thoughts and stay tuned for mine!


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