Extra digits anyone?


How many times as CAD users have we wished for extra fingers to get something done super fast? Well, in the issue that cropped up with Hydrographs 2010, we get what we wish for, but don’t really want in this case.

Here’s the scoop… You may recall my previous post about dealing with the massive report, blah, blah.  Well, in checking through the output, i came across a few anomolies. I ran this up the Autodesk flagpole and sure enough, i’m not going crazy.  Well, at least not mis-remembering….

Anyway, I got some funky zeros and extra characters after certain values, like barrels for instance (basin outlets that is). If i had 1 barrel, it would print 10 as the value, if i had 2, it would print 20.  And other values might come up as 3.330.00 when it should have been 3.33 (wier coefficient in this case).

The Being Civil guys deduced that indeed this was a problem and not isolated to my project / machine.  The takeaway is this – certain values reporting with the extra 0.00 tagged on seems to disappear if you choose graphical instead of numeric in the report type. However, the xtra zero happens regardless of report option checked.  Additionally, this appears to happen across all OSes.  It has been forwarded to the dev team to resolve. When, not sure…

So, with that, my only solution to avoid these “extra digits” has been to revert the hydrology back to hydrographs 2009, which is still installed on my machine.  I dont recall, but i think i had to recreate the file in 2009, it wouldn’t open going backwards. Minor task to make the local authorities happy!



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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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