Disappearing RAM

When does a machine with 8 GB of RAM equal out of memory errors? WHen the OS is WIndows XP x64. More specifically, when using Hydraflow Hydrographs extension in both Civil 3d 2010. What? Most ofyou probably have already come across this, but thought i bring it to light for everyone else.

No worries, there is a workaround. First, the issue. You’re in Hydrographs working up the best model you’ve ever done. When you flip to the model tab, there are arrows pointing everywhere. You look at the bottom line and decide it’s time to generate the report. You toggle on almost every checkbox and hit preview. And then you wait as it generates a gazillion page document. ut for purposes of time, here’s what i started with:


I instantly get this:


Click OK and look at the preview, it doesnt complete even for a page preview…


After many tries, i contact the boys over at Autodesk (aka Being Civil blog) for some help.  Turns out it’s an XP 64 bit thing. They discovered a workaround though and the trick is to set hydrographs to be NUMERIC instead of GRAPHIC.


And walah!


Makes no sense as it can generate both the watershed schematic and graphi pond reports. But that’s the hangup for now.


So if you’reon XP 64 bit and running c3d 2010, your hydrograph reports have to be numeric (turns 150 page report into 500  🙂 ). Now, i like numeric reports, but wish it was simpler than guessing at those 2 variables to shrink the page count…  But that’s another post for anotehr day.. Have a happy labor day weekend!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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