Named Views – Broken but not

Here i am back in the production world needing to get sheets out the door. So i start up sheet set manager and do that thing. And go along and start setting my views showing the different plan areas. So to do it to an exact scale, i draw some trusty rectangles and use them as boundaries for my views. I presume most of you are doing something like this already and may know about this problem.

By the way, im working in civil 3d 2009 at the time. So in the view command, i choose NEW and then define the boundary; only it wont snap to the endpoint of the rectangle i drew. And yes, i checked to make sure the END osnap was set.  🙂 A good friend over at Microsol helped me out with a workaround to at least get the sheets out.  Here’s what we found…..In defining the view boundary, you can still pick anywhere, just nowhere specifically. So we defined the views approximately. Then went back to “Edit Boundaries” in the View dialog. Now, we CAN snap to the endpoints. Wierd. This does happen in any stock civil 3d template but not the stock autocad templates, again weird…

Here’s the good/bad news about this.  Apparently, this is “fixed” in 2010 but will only be resolved in 2009 with the workaround according to my support case with Autodesk. So for you folks staying in 2009 and jumping up to 2011, i mpresume you’re already dealing with this…


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