Autodesk licensing for the confused


There seems to be an recurring issue on the discussion boards about licensing for Autodesk applications. Currently you have 3 choices; standalone, multi-seat standalone and network. As firms try to save money, presumably resellers are mentioning the last option. They try to explain, you nod your head in agreement thinking I’ll visit the discussion boards later for help….

How can network licensing save me money? Here’s the skinny;

Standalone costs X dollars but Network costs 125% of X dollars (for illustrative purposes). The savings comes when you get less network seats than standalone. That’s the straight up cost savings (say 10 standalone seats vs. 6 network seats). But it doesn’t stop there.

Both Network and multi-seat standalone offer a time savings for IT folk to implement the software. For standalone seats, the IT person has to go to each station to install and each station gets a specific license code.

For Multi-seat and network versions, there is only 1 license code for Z number of seats. These versions are created by an image process that you get walked through by the software. The image is stored on the network somewhere and can be silently installed when people login in the morning. The difference between Multi-seat and network versionsis where the license lives. Network licenses live in a pool served up by Flex LM which usually resides on a server. Multi-seat standalone license lives on the local machine.

Which is better? Depends if everyone needs to run autocad all day long OR a few folks run all day and the rest run part of the day. You have to take a hard and honest look at your usage of the application. We’d all like to say we run 100% all day long. But the reality even for the hard core user isn’t 100, but something less. Only you guys can answer that question….


BTW – i apologize for the long layoff. It’s been hectic here. So i find that i have to schedule my “blog” time before work or else the day gets away from me like everything else…


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