Sheet Set Manager Monster

Have you seen this monster lately?

If so, you’ve been walking into SSM territory.  (apologies to Lazy Drafter for the image manglization).  It seems more and more people are using the Sheet Set Manager today than in the past. So, for those of us who solved these little riddles of autocad, here’s a refresher.

Often, we need to put non standard characters in either the project title or some other “field” we use wtihin our title blocks. When processed, SSm gives you the error monster. Not to fear, Character Code is here to save the day. (Man, underdog is cringing on the drawing board now…) That’s a sad reference to character codes. You’ve seen them before, lurking in various parts of Windows and AutoCAD. The solution is to find the code and prefix it with two percent symbols. Ironic, don’t ya think?

Here’s a short list of symbols and their codes:

<     %%60
>     %%62
\      %%92
/      %%47
“      %%34
:      %%58
;      %%59
?     %%63
*     %%42
|     %%124
,      %%44
=     %%61
‘      %%96
[space] %%160



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2 Responses to Sheet Set Manager Monster

  1. darcyalaska says:

    Nice idea, but sadly, it does not work for us. When I try to add a \ symbol by typing in %%47, the “%%47” shows up in my field, not the \ symbol. Do you know of any other work-arounds? We love SSM, but are frustrated we can’t use slash marks. Please advise!


    • Kevin says:

      Hi Darcy, sorry for the delay. I somehow overlooked your comment. You’re correct that it doesnt work in certain situations. If you simply put a field in an mtext, then the results are as you mentioned. However, there is another that requries a few steps.
      Create an attribute and insert the field into that attribute value. Then add the attribute to a block in the DWG. The field then displays the special characters. You cant put the block in the Titleblock if you XREF your titleblocks, fields wont update on a sheet basis as the block is only in 1 file. the block with the fields has to be in the DWG containing the layout. Does that help?


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