Have you seen this Unidentified Floating Object?

Have you been working in Civil 3D 2009 and seen this and NOT know what to do?


Do NOT call the police, do NOT run for tech support!  It’s a new feature!  🙂

Really, it is. It’s called the geographic marker. What’s that? Well, AutoCAD now supports geographic location information from either a KML or KMZ file or directly from Google Earth.

Here’s the online help description:

Geographic location embeds location-specific references – expressed as real-world coordinates (X,Y, and Z) – in your drawing.

You can then send your georeferenced drawing for review.

For example, you can:

  • Put the drawing on a map (using AutoCAD Map 3D)
  • See your design in the landscape (using AutoCAD)

When you add a geographic location to a drawing, a geographic marker is created.

The geographic marker is a visual representation of the location information and is created at the specified point on the drawing.

Geographic location information can be included in either of the following ways:

  • Import a KML or KMZ file with the appropriate location information
  • Import a location from Google Earth
  • Use the Geographic Location dialog box

When you insert location information, the drawing contains the following data:

  • North direction — a vector that defines the direction of the North pole from the XY plane
  • Up direction — a vector that is always constrained 90 degrees to the XY plane
  • Geographic location data

Ostensibly, it tends to fall smack dab in the middle of your project. You can’t select it, can’t filter it, nothing. What you want to do is go to the system variable, GEOMARKERVISIBILITY, and toggle it off (or to zero). For more information, look in the help menu for Geographic location and you’ll get the full AutoCAD scoop!


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