Map 3D 2009 is Citrix Certified


When I saw this bit of news recently, I presumed I was dreaming.  If you don’t know, Autodesk has not supported any of its products in a hosted environment, be it Terminal Services or Citrix based.  Additionally, if you read the EULA, you might even be breaking that agreement as well. Why does this matter?

many reasons; Autodesk heard everyone and has decided to try out the Citrix support for Map 3D 2009.  Why Map?  It seems that firms that do GIS creation tend to not have a centralized workforce; including those doing the data capture in the field. Now imagine that workforce supported by the IT department as if they were in the home office.  Nice, eh?

It kind of feels like GoToMyPC for Map.  Well, funny I should say it that way.  That is exactly what’s happening. Only it’s not maintained by the Citrix folks but by your own IT staff. The possibilities do seem endless.

Why would the IT department care about this?  They can manage the entire rollout as if it were a single desktop!  Shoot, just managing a single computer lab with a dozen or so machines can’t’ beat that level of efficiency!

How can you find out the details?  Autodesk will have a web page that goes live when they release Map 3D 2009 to the public.  That page will be –

Let me know how you might put this new option to use!


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