VISTA sp1 – Does it start to bring the AEC community from WinXP?

Civil 3D continually requires us to evaluate our current hardware.  As such, i have to stay abreast of many different influences. And since i have been unable to shift time (at least not without a DVR) or create additional time in a day, i rely on other sources that ar far more entrenched in those areas.  In this case, ZDNet gives me the boost i need.

vista.jpg vs win_xp.jpg

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has been doing some benchmarking of upcoming service packs against previous service packs; VISTA RTM to VISTA sp1 & WinXP sp2 to WinXP sp3.  Some folks in the community asked him to compare what most people have now, WinXP sp2, to VISTA sp1. See below for his story.

Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2 – Benchmarked by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes — Over the past few days I posted two sets of benchmarks comparing Windows Vista RTM with Vista SP1. These posts generated a lot of feedback, and from reading this feedback it’s clear that what many people are really interested in is not the performance differences between Vista RTM and Vista SP1, but between Vista SP1 and XP SP2. How does Windows Vista SP1 compare to Windows XP SP2? Read on …

At the end of the day – WinXP sp2 still beats out VISTA sp1.  Presumably with sp1, MS has stabilized VISTA so that hardware and software can catch up.  From a business perspective where time is money, VISTA may take another year or so to get to the tipping point.

By then, we may be looking at Windows 7?!?

Happy President’s Day!


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