Christmas is coming – is new hardware coming for your desktop?

Many folks have been calling lately to find out compatibility of Civil 3D with different hardware/OS configurations. Here’s the current compatibility status across the board:

Windows XP on 32 bit machine-yes

Windows XP on 64 bit machine-no, but hack available

Windows VISTA on 32 bit machine-yes, but not supported

Windows VISTA on 64 bit machine-no, but hack available

OK, that’s all good, but what will Civil 3D 2009 compatiblity be?  Let me put my kreskin hat on – I would expect full compatiblity with VISTA 32 bit machines.  I know there is talk and effort to create a 64 bit version for XP and VISTA, but do not know if that will appear in the 2009 version. 

So, what does all that mean?  For the typical office, stick with XP. Request this OS when specifying new machines.  For those firms who live on the technology leading edge, jump to the 64 bit machines with VISTA and all the RAM you can get (both system and video).  🙂


About Kevin
Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

2 Responses to Christmas is coming – is new hardware coming for your desktop?

  1. Tommie says:

    Where do I get info on the hack available for installing Civil 3D 2008 on a Vista 64 bit machine?


  2. Kevin says:

    Tommie – I’ll post the hack tomorrow. As if you didn’t know, this hack puts you in waters not patroled by anyone, not even the Coast Guard. 🙂


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