Help! My existing ground profile is static!

That was a recent support call we received.  We then suggested the obvious – going into the profile properties and changing the update mode from static to dynamic. But wait, static is the only thing in the list.  What? That can’t be, can it?

Clearly, the screen cap doesn’t lie.  But how does this happen?  Is there a bug?  Was something done wrong?

If you notice in the image, the data source is empty. Huh?  But the profile looks fine.


The empty data source is the clue.  The EG surface exists in the drawing so what gives?  OK, lets create another “EG” profile from the current EG surface and lets see what we get.


As you can see, the new “EG” profile in yellow is slightly different from the original red “EG” profile.  I’m on to something….  Now that I have the yellow “EG” profile, what happens if i delete the source data, being the current “EG” surface?

You will notice that the update mode now only has static and the source appears to be a random number.  If I save & close the file then reopen and check the data source, it is now empty and static is the only update mode.

Wow, so what’s the lesson here?  If the objects you want to delete live in your drawing, make sure you understand the relationships to other objects in the drawing and how they might be affected. In this case, deleting & recreating the surface “broke” the link to the surface profile.  If you need to do something as drastic as starting over with a surface, delete the various definintion components (either uncheck the edit or delete it) that make up the surface and not the surface itself.  That way, all dependencies remain intact.

If you’re using the vault and want to delete the surface reference, you still need to realize the implications, but you can easily recreate a data reference. A lot less fuss…

Anyway, hope this resolves any mysterious problems you may have been having with dependent object relationships!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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