Enterprise CUI – Main Workspace – Bug??

So who uses Enterprise CUI files to manage custom lisps or even to maintain a consistent look and feel to your AutoCAD based application?  Some of you are asking… what’s a CUI file? 


A CUI file defines how the user interface (the look and feel) displays toolbars, menus, etc.  Out of the box, everyone gets a Main CUI file called (or some variation for vertical applications) ACAD.CUI in your docs and settings folder. The Enterprise can contain the same objects, but is a read-only version, which allows the CAD Manager/IT Guy to standardize certain aspects of the program.  OK, enough blah  blah – what’s the problem?

When adding any Enterprise elements to a Main workspace, they do not show up.  Why, because you’ve set the workspace options to save changes.  Wait… say that again?  I’ve set my workspace settings to save changes, but somehow making a change in the CUI editor doesn’t save?  Woah…  let’s start from the top….

You’ve specified an Enterprise CUI and would like to include a menu in a particular Main CUI workspace. But first, lets make sure that we’ve set the workspace settings to NOT save changes.


Now lets go into the CUI editor and include an Enterprise menu in a Main Workspace. Select the workspace….


Click Customize Workspace


Now check the appropriate box next to the Enterprise menu you want to include


Verify the location of the newly added menu. By default it gets added to the end of the menu list.  If you want it to appear elsewhere in your menu bar, simply slide it up in the listing by clicking and dragging the menu title. 


Click Done in the Workspace Contents and then OK to dismiss the CUI editor and you should now see the Enterprise Menu in your menu bar!


Remember to go back to your workspace settings and set it to save changes!!!

I hope this little glitch doesn’t stop you from trying out Enterprise CUIs and what they can do for your firm!  Drop me note is you have any troubles. I’d love to help!


About Kevin
Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

2 Responses to Enterprise CUI – Main Workspace – Bug??

  1. MAnderson says:

    As CAD Manager, why not switch the ENTERPRISE back to the main, make the edit, and save the CUI.

    Matt Anderson


  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt. The problem I’m faced with is not making a change to the Enterprise CUI but including an Enterprise element within a Main CUI workspace when they are both loaded.

    Can you expand a little bit? I took your comment to mean you want to modify the enterprise. Is that correct?


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