You know when we tell you that Map 3D is included with Civil 3D….

Well, that is true.  But some things get turned off, hidden or otherwise disappear.  Recently a cohort of mine, Steven Costa asked the Autodesk folk how to get a certain feature turned back on in Civil 3D.  That one thing is….without_ve.png

with_ve.pngThe status bar thats included in Map.  What’s on the status bar?  2 buttons for switching between 2D and 3D viewing modes, an icon indicating Map errors, and more importantly a vertical exaggeration dropdown.  This dropdown allows you to exaggerate Map surfaces, not to be confused with Civil 3D surface objects.

For this reason, one can assume, is why the Map status bar is toggled off when Civil 3D is launched. 

Why is this exagerration useful? Well, when you’re doing those preliminary visualizations like drapping images over surfaces in Map for planning purposes, sometimes you need the exaggeration to notice any elevation difference (see Dana’s posts over at about the Delmarva Penninsula). 


But if you can’t use it on Civil 3D surfaces what can you use it on?  For one, you can export Civil 3D surfaces to an SDF file which Map can import and display.  Map can also read DEMs, ESRI Grid or Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) to name a few.

Enough i suppose, so how do you get Civil 3D to display this status bar?  Unfortunately at this time, it is a registry modification.  So for the faint of hart, i would wait until another able-bodied IT person could help you.  The “hack” is quite simple actually, it’s just finding the stinking key to modify…  So here it is. Fire up the registry editor and go to this parent key.


Under this key is a “Statusbar” key and should be set to 0 (zero).  Setting this to 1 will toggle on the Map status bar in Civil 3D.

As always, this is not for those looking for support.  You should always take care when modifying the registry (make a backup).



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