Civil 3D Webcasts – New Sessions listed!

Hello, and sorry for the break.  I’ve been concentrating on the up coming 2008 release and haven’t had much time to blog about it.

However, some may know that Autodesk provides weekly webcasts that occur at noon here in the east coast and last no more than an hour.  the schedule has been updated and includes dates when they will introduce the 2008 version.  Listed below are the weekly details.  You will have to register for each one.

Although there are scheduled topics, frequently they will address some housekeeping issues before and after the discussion / demonstration. This can include when a service pack is due.  Other times  they might mention a previous session and how to resolve an outstanding issue.  So make sure you tune in at noon and stick around until the end!

3/9/07 – Road Rehabilitation and Resurfacing with Civil 3D

Presenter: Andrew Walther, P.E., APW Engineering, Inc.
This webcast will address road reconstruction projects using Autodesk Civil 3D 2007. You will learn a number of useful techniques that can help you tackle projects that involve both resurfacing and full depth reconstruction design tasks. The discussion will address the wide range of subassemblies that can be applied to these types of projects. You will also learn best practices for the data management, design and deliverables.
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3/16/07 – Autodesk Civil 3D Intersection and Roundabout Junction Design

Presenter: Jack Strongitharm, Autodesk Civil Application Engineer – UK & Ireland
Join us for an overview of Civil 3D capabilities for designing 3D intersections and roundabout junctions and maintaining dynamic aspects to the model. We’ll explore advanced corridor modelling, use of grading and surface models to both guide and design junctions in 3D.
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3/23/07 – A Sneak Peek at AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Presenter: Dave Simeone, Civil 3D Product Manager, and Dan Philbrick, Civil 3D Development Manager
Target Audience – All Users
Be the first to see a sneak peek of the new release of Civil 3D. Join Dave and Dan for a look at some of the new features and enhancements in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008.
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3/30/07 – Introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Presenter: Dave Simeone, Civil 3D Product Manager, and Dan Philbrick, Civil 3D Development Manager
Target Audience – All Users
You won’t want to miss this webcast, the official launch of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008! This webcast will include demonstrations of new and improved features and enhancements that you’ll want to know about as you prepare for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008.
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4/6/07 – Performance Improvements from Civil 3D 2007 to 2008

Presenter: Dan Philbrick, Civil 3D Development Manager
Target Audience: All Users
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 has a number of performance improvements including improvements to modeling, memory usage, and general speed of operations. This session will highlight the various features which have performance improvements in Civil 3D 2008. In addition, strategies for optimizing performance will be presented.
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4/13/07 – Plan Production with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Presenter: Jules Brenner, Autodesk Civil Designer
Plan Production introduces a new set of tools into Civil 3D which enables you to quickly and easily divide up designs based on alignments into sheets. The system makes use of existing DWT templates, creating plan and profile, plan only, or profile only sheets while giving you control over match lines, automatic match line labels, automatic north arrow alignment, and sheet numbering. This webcast walks you through the process of working with an existing alignment and processing it into multiple plan and profile sheets.
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4/20/07 – Civil 3D 2008 Supporting Materials

Presenter: Jonathan Burgoyne, Senior Technical Writer- Autodesk Civil 3D
Target Audience: All Users
Join us for an overview and demonstration of the many supporting materials available for Civil 3D 2008 including the new Moving from LDT to Civil 3D Guide, the Civil 3D Developer’s Guide, tutorial enhancements, the New Features Workshop, Infocenter, general help enhancements including workflows and improved navigation, as well as Skill Builders and training courseware.
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4/27/07 – Getting Started with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Presenter: Dave Simeone, Civil 3D Product Manager
Target Audience: All Users, in particular CAD Managers
This session provides details of the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 product and launch that you’ll want to understand before deploying this new release. This includes licensing, product configuration, training resources, data interoperability, system requirements, and more.
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