Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Well, not so breaking news is that there are new service packs for all civil related Autodesk products. However, during today’s civil 3d webcast, Dave Simeone mentioned that they have pulled service pack 2 for Land Desktop after getting wind of some problems. All other service packs are functioning as intended.

Actually, the Civil 3D SP3 has not only improved its speed but other un-noted improvements include the cul-de-sac single baseline quandary. When you get to an offset CDS that has a curved centerline, previous C3D versions required that you break the curbline baseline somewhere within the CDS so that the transition error wouldn’t happen. With SP3, you don’t have to break that curbline baseline!

Here are 2 screen shots to illustrate the point…. Uh oh… these shots will have to wait, my 2 year old just made my wife very angry… Will add them over the weekend….

So don’t be afraid to go get Civil 3D SP3. If you downloaded SP2 for Land Desktop, do not install it. They expect to re-post it soon….


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