Labeling those odd alignment stations

Today, the problem is labeling odd alignment stations.  I needed these odd stations labeled so I could create the horizontal geometry for a road widening, medians, etc. 

When doing design work, I’ll use the “All Labels” label set for alignments.

Create Alignment Dialog Box

As part of that label set, there is a component to label design speeds at specified stations.  It’s default label style is Station over Speed. 

Alignment Label Set Properties - All Labels

Since we’re using this only for layout purposes, we don’t need the Speed component, so we’ll make a new label style which we’ll call Station Mark.

Create New Design Speed Label Style

This new style will have a station and tick component , similar to the major station label.

New Label Style Composer

Nest, we need to set the alginment labels to use this new style.  Go to the alignment properties,

Alignment Properties 

Click on the labels tab, click on the style for design speeds to pick the desired style.

Alignment Properties - Select Design Speed Label Style 

Now, let’s add stations to be labeled. Again, bring up the alignment properties box and click on the design speeds tab.

Alignment Properties - Add Design Speed Station

The left most button allows you to add stations at which the design speed changes.

Selection of Design Speed Station

Once you click this button, it will then ask you for a station, which you can type, or simply snap to in the drawing space.  And now, you will see that station labeled!  The design speed value is not important so it can remain at zero.

Again, at this point, we’re still doing horizontal geometry so we don’t care how many of these we input.  Once we’ve completed our horizontal layout, we need to come back and clear/modify this list to include the design speed as needed for the corridor and superelevation.

This method works best if the labels are temporary in nature.  If you want to get rid of the labels, go back into the alignment labels tab and delete the design speed component and you’re done!


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Hi… I am a husband, father, brother and neighbor. I am employed as a Civil Engineer and have enjoyed playing the drums for the last 30+ years.

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