Don’t you wish there was somewhere on the internet…

That had everything you needed to learn, share and contribute the greater Civil 3D community?  Well, you’re in luck!  Autodesk is about to launch a website called Civil Engineering Community. 

You’ll be able to share templates, styles and other goodies you’ve developed that you feel would benefit the greater community.  Discussion groups will be here as well (they’ve put a better skin on the DG although you can still use it the same as before).  All those great webcasts from Dave & Dan and crew will live here.  Civil 3D blog posts, tips & training, online resources… ok this list is getting a little long in the tooth…

You can login into the site so that you can post directly to the DG’s as well as watch topics. This gives the site a personal touch. 

Here’s a screen cap of the webpage header…. (Click it to make it bigger)


The web address will be:

Don’t try it today as they expect to take it live by next week.


PS – Not that I have any idea of where the software is headed, but you get the impression that more and more content will be delivered via the internet instead of the CD/DVD you get in the mail.  You can almost imagine program updates happen without user / IT interention.  And you thought Google was just a search engine.  🙂


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