Vault & Profiles

OK, so there I was working with a Client’s dataset, fleshing out a process for them with C3D 2007 and Vault.  For my Client, profiles are held in a separate drawing from aligments for staffing reasons.  So, naturally, I started a new drawing, referenced the existing surface and alignments into my new drawing and created profiles.  So far, so good.  But when I go to check this drawing into the Vault, the dialog boxes do not give me an opportunity to add the new profile data.  The bottom line is that profiles have to live in the same drawing as the alignments in order to be added to the Vault.

Well, I started to get a clearer picture of the problem in the newsgroups earlier in the week.  Then, that same night, Mr. Counts from LACAD added a blog entry about the exact issue (He issued 2 previous entries about such a Vault workflow).  Funny how these issues come to light…

Well, this lead me to think about how Vault is currently setup, meaning as objects are added to the Vault, so is the drawing in which it was created.  In order for profiles to be added to the vault from separate drawings, I made the assumption that if they could live in the Vault independant of drawings, that would actually improve several other problem areas generated by the Vault.

Just think, the only “CADD” stuff you want many versions are the design objects themselves.  Any and all Engineering Firms should already have a backip / archive / versioning plan in place just for dealing with project documentation.  Why replace a business function with a feature from a design application?  That’s really the qeustion we need answered….

Please let me know your thoughts!


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